Welcome to the official site of the Osceola County Softball Complex!

Our site provides live weather updates, to help you be prepared.


In order to keep the Osceola Softball Complex well-maintained, please abide by the following requests:

  • No hitting or pitching from ANY grass areas.
  • No hitting into the fences.
  • No standing on park benches or other foreign objects such as tables, step ladders, chairs, or other items that can pose harm to themselves or those around them.
  • No smoking on the fields, in the buildings, or in the dugouts.
  • All carry-in containers are subject to inspection.

For everyone's safety and enjoyment, the following items are prohibited in the complex:

  • Alcohol
  • Weapons
  • Glass Containers
  • Pets

These rules are to ensure your safety and that of your fellow user. We appreciate your cooperation and ask that you help keep the complex clean and put litter in its place.

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